What Is CodeKit?

CodeKit is a modern QR & Barcode Generator & Scanner for iPhone, iPad & Mac (Coming Soon).


CodeKit includes advanced scanning capabilities, allowing you to quickly scan most types of codes into easilly configurable scanning groups.

  • Show new scans as a popup immediately or simple add it the scan history in the background.
  • Enable or disable the scanning of duplicates
  • Choose to automatically open scanned URLs


Easilly generate a wide selection of code types using one of 21 different generators, or generate codes in bulk using the bulk generator.

  • Automatic Error Bit Calculation
  • Full Color & Resolution Support
  • Bulk Generation including CSV Import

CodeKit is designed to be the most extensible and configurable QR/Bar Code Scanner & Generator available. It includes over 8 inbuild shortcut actions and advanced deeplinking support.


  • 21 Generators 21 Code Generators with full data-validation and check-digit calculation
  • Scanning Groups Group your scans into any number of Scanning Groups for easy organisation
  • Configurable Scanning Groups - Configure Scanning Groups to match your individual needs
  • Customizable Generators - Easilly change your generated codes Colors, Error correction level or resolution
  • iCloud Syncing - Sync your scans and generation history accross devices
  • Generation History - View, filter and flag any code generation history
  • Bulk Generation - Robust bulk code generation with inbuild CSV Import
  • Siri Shortcut Support - Complete Siri Shortcuts support for both scanning and generation
  • Deep Linking Support - Link directly to functionality within the CodeKit app using deeplinks
  • Password Protection - Lock scanning groups with passcodes
  • Defaults - Configure default settings for code color & error correction
  • App Icon - Change your app icon styles
  • Color Scheme - Set your preferred color scheme


CodeKit is free to download with the option to unlock all features with either:

  • $16.49AUD - 1 Year Subscription
  • $10.49AUD - 6 Month Subscription
  • $21.99AUD - Lifetime Unlock

Release Date

CodeKit will be released on the 3rd of March 2021 12PM AEST


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me at or on Twitter


You can download the below mockups packaged into a single zip file here: Download